Caleb Charland

Recent Work

Candle Through Crystal Ball 2014 One Hour with Candle and Clock 2012 Pouring Light #1 2014 Glow in the Dark Powder on Sheet Film #1 2012 Star 2014 Cylinder With Phosphorescent Powder 2014 Cube With Phosphorescent Powder 2014 Breakbeat With Sparkler and Metronome (When the Levee Breaks) 2012 Cometball 2012 My Hand with Glow in The Dark Powder on 8x10 inch Film 2013 Candle Burned Upside Down 2014 A Candle for Michael Faraday 2014 A Variety of Circular Objects in a Box of Glow Paint 2011 Phosphorus In Fishbowl 2012 Candle Through Fish Bowl 2014


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